Our “Green Entrepreneurship e- course” will provide students formation on the following topics:

From Farm to Fork

Sustainable Industry

Building and energy

Clean Energy

Corporate Sustainability

Green Business Plan

Industry 4.0

Circular Economy

Sustainable cities

Sustainable mobility


Eliminating Pollution

Project Partners

The Cambra de Comerç, Industria I Navegacio de Girona (Girona Chamber of Commerce), which was created in 1889 and where 65,000 SMEs are registered, is a corporation governed by public law which advises and collaborates with the public authorities in the province of Girona.


Eduforma is an Educational Center accredited in Veneto Region for Lifelong Learning training interventions (VET), as well as for Guidance Services and Labour.

Izertis S.A. is a technological consultancy firm that makes easier the digital transformation of organizations using technology, consulting services and outsourcing of solutions. 

Fundatia Danis pentru Dezvoltare Manageriala (Fundatia Danis) is a non-profit organization, established in 2000. Fundatia Danis’ main expertise is on youth professional and personal development and entrepreneurship education.

Rivensco Consulting Ltd is an innovating company that aims to establish itself as a major link between the academic and business world.

REZOS BRANDS S.A. is an agri-food SME, with expertise in superfoods and functional food oriented, which was established in 1983 in Patras, Western Greece.